Information for Market Trader

Estonian Folkart and Handicraft Union reserves rights to choose master and artisans, who can participate Medieval Festival 2021

Those, who want to participate, please, send information about Your company and some photos of Your goods and display. If possible, website address to

Registration from 1. june -15. june 2021

Handicraft Union takes in to account the natural of theme of the year, quality of goods, etc.

All our events have some identified theme- this expects participation of traders-costumes, displays, goods and how to behave on scene.

Outfit- medieval costumes. Please, add headcaps and outerwear.

Display have to accord to theme. Please, send measurements before Your arriving. Boxes and bags have to be medieval as well. Baskets, wooden cases etc. are accepted.

There are many traders, but our sales space is pretty small. Please, honour dimensions.

“Word of honour of trader was stronger then written contract in medieval times. Let`s keep this principle in honour!”

“Tsunfts supported masters and artisans always. There was only two occasions, when there was no support- when artisan was drunkard or if artisan was lazy.”

We offer some paperbags – those have been made by homeless and unemployed people in Social Service Centers. All materials are reused. Please, ask from organizers!