Medieval village

Medieval village on St Nicholas' Hill

Thursday, July 6 10:00 – 19:00
Friday, July 7 10:00 – 19:00
Saturday, July 8 10:00 – 21:00
Sunday, July 9 10:00 – 17:00

For four days at the beginning of July, the Medieval Village of Niguliste Church will once again arise. There will be masters from here and further afield.
• Masters of Traveling Workshops spin the rope.
• Blacksmiths forge iron and there is also a giant blacksmith’s bellows.
• Blacksmith girls spin with spinning rods and do other finer needlework.
• The highly crowned lord Edev Eremit shows what wonderful things can be made from wood.
• Woodworker Peter shows how to shape a spoon.
• You can make small animals with apprentice Martin.
• A team of archers led by the world-famous mistress Katarina shows how a real sharp eye must aim for the mark!
• Handicraft club Raudrohi teaches the finer art of embroidery to anyone who wants to.
• Together with the ladies, you can try your hand at braiding ribbons and making dolls.
• You can decorate shawls and anything else you like with carved wooden blocks to press designs on them.
• Lonkava Hundi Koda (The Chamber of the Lame Wolf) is back with carpenters, fighters and wise mistresses.
• Hunters from distant lands bring wonderful hides and bone artefacts!
• The wise mistress Aija, who knows all about the art of colouring with plants, is also coming!
• Wonderful silver jewellery is offered by Runa Rotas silversmiths who have arrived from a far country.
• A medieval barber is working here. It is possible to braid pigtails and flower wreaths!
• You can buy a valuable knife from a knife maker.
• Children are taught in the Little Knight School.
• Lord Christian and maiden Elizabeth lead by example in games of skill.
• We also do a medieval dance!
• The master artist Michael has also promised to stop by and talk a little about painting.
• Mistress Katharina helps to make a wonderfully scented sachet that is good to keep close against any illness!
• The herbalists tell him which types of plants are particularly useful.
• Cuttings-seedlings can also be purchased!

Medieval Village lives its fun, efficient village life!

Come, there will be fun activities and things to see for everyone!


Medieval village festivities

On Saturday, July 8, the party will continue in greenery, i.e. in the village of Niguliste artisans, a medieval-style party will take place. When the sun begins to sink lower around 6 p.m., musicians from the band Tabulatura, who came from far away Hungary, will start playing and Mystika dancers and southern drummer Chronis Taxidis will teach the celebrants a more exotic dance. Braver revellers can challenge the knights and swordsmen. Children have fun with wooden swords and gallop on wooden horses. Games and competitions, fun and entertainment until the ninth hour of the evening.
Olde Hansa’s Tavern lady offers hearty lentils and a simpler quencher for the stomach.

Organisers: Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union and Hopner House