Medieval village

Medieval village on St Nicholas' Hill

Friday, July 5 10:00 – 17:00
Saturday, July 6 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday, July 7 10:00 – 16:00

For four days at the beginning of July, the Medieval Village of Niguliste Church will once again arise. There will be masters from here and further afield.
• Masters of Traveling Workshops spin the rope.
• Blacksmiths forge iron and there is also a giant blacksmith’s bellows.
• Blacksmith girls spin with spinning rods and do other finer needlework.
• The highly crowned lord Edev Eremit shows what wonderful things can be made from wood.
• Woodworker Peter shows how to shape a spoon.
• You can make small animals with apprentice Martin.
• A team of archers led by the world-famous mistress Katarina shows how a real sharp eye must aim for the mark!
• Handicraft club Raudrohi teaches the finer art of embroidery to anyone who wants to.
• Together with the ladies, you can try your hand at braiding ribbons and making dolls.
• You can decorate shawls and anything else you like with carved wooden blocks to press designs on them.
• Lonkava Hundi Koda (The Chamber of the Lame Wolf) is back with carpenters, fighters and wise mistresses.
• Hunters from distant lands bring wonderful hides and bone artefacts!
• The wise mistress Aija, who knows all about the art of colouring with plants, is also coming!
• Wonderful silver jewellery is offered by Runa Rotas silversmiths who have arrived from a far country.
• A medieval barber is working here. It is possible to braid pigtails and flower wreaths!
• You can buy a valuable knife from a knife maker.
• Children are taught in the Little Knight School.
• Lord Christian and maiden Elizabeth lead by example in games of skill.
• We also do a medieval dance!
• The master artist Michael has also promised to stop by and talk a little about painting.
• Mistress Katharina helps to make a wonderfully scented sachet that is good to keep close against any illness!
• The herbalists tell him which types of plants are particularly useful.
• Cuttings-seedlings can also be purchased!

Medieval Village lives its fun, efficient village life!

Come, there will be fun activities and things to see for everyone!

Medieval village festivities

Organisers: Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union and Hopner House